Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tutorial: DIY Window Film

I love a bright home with lots of natural light!

But when I moved into my house I was a little concerned about this...

See the problem? Not only lack of privacy but it doesn't look great either. 

But I didn't want to lose any light!

I was so happy to find an inexpensive solution.


It's like $5 a roll at Walmart.

Seventh House On The Left had the idea here along with a stencil of this pattern:

I wasn't ready to cut that many Moroccan tile looking pieces so I just did one in the center.

To be perfectly honest I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of even cutting one except for the fact that this top half of the window was the slightest bit bigger than my roll of contact paper.

After how easy this was I decided to do my shower as well:

All I did after reading many tutorials and trying all the different tips out there, was use a spray bottle of water and a shower squeegee to apply it. Of course you have to clean the window and wash your hands first. Spray the glass with water and then apply the contact paper. The water allows you to move it around if it's not exactly where you want it. Once in place, use the squeegee moving from the center out.

If you can get a helper it will make your life easier; the contact paper likes to cling to itself so especially if you are using big pieces like I did on my shower, so have someone help hold one end while you hold the other. It also helps a lot to have one person hold the liner while another pulls the backing off to begin with. 

I did the dining room first and threw lots of perfectly good pieces away because there was always one spot that was bubbly but you know what I learned? The bubbles must dry out over time because it looks much better after you just leave it for a few days. So be patient.

When I did the shower glass, I was a lot less careful and I didn't wash my hands first (nor did I make my 6 year old who helped me) and now there are fingerprints on the corners.

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