Monday, August 25, 2014

Tutorial: How To Make Birch Log Candle Holders

Birch bark is so easy to work with! And it's so pretty. And woodburners are only around $10.

Here's what my burner from Hobby Lobby looks like:

And it comes with a bunch of different tips (these exact ones are from Harbor Freight):

Look at all these ADORABLE projects you can do with a woodburner!

The idea for my candle came from a beautiful vase in Morgann Hill's Etsy shop here

I found a bunch of birch logs on a classified ad and bought them all so that I could make Christmas gifts with them. Because they all varied in size, I did different things with them... the bigger ones got three holes drilled in the top and the ones that only had room for one were grouped in threes and tied with jute:

All I did (with a ton of help form my husband, in fact he drilled all the holes) was chop them to the desired height with a drop saw, drill holes in the top with a huge drill bit (the size of a tealight candle, mine were 1.5" in diameter) and then draw a design in them with a pencil then trace with a woodburner.

I recommend tealight candles from the dollar store if you don't need a ton or Ikea if you do need a ton (100 to be exact) or if you just want the best deal in town since that only costs you $3.99! Ikea also has scented ones in various colors for a little bit more.

You may need to buy the drill bit but don't worry it's about $6 at Home Depot. 

I love a personalized gift!

What else should I engrave with my woodburner? 


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