Friday, April 23, 2010

Burp Cloths

These cute burp cloths were made using Homemade By Jill's tutorial here. I didn't have a printer so I kind of guessed on the pattern and instead of flannel I used more cotton fat eighths like I did with my bibs. I didn't sew a seam across the middle because I felt like the batting would stay in place being sewn around the edges and I washed and dried them twice and they were fine. I plan to make more for myself because these were for a shower but they were pretty easy to do. Give them a try! Oh and thanks once again to Debs for helping me with these as well as the scratch cards - I own two pairs of scissors and neither one is very good but one is really terrible and clipping those edges was kinda painful for us both lol


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Shower Scratch Cards - Free PDF

These are scratch off lottery type cards you can use for a baby shower game and whoever gets 3 matching items wins a prize. I drew up this little stick baby in Paint that you are welcome to use or you can just make a picture of your own. If you want mine (it has enough for 20 cards) just click here to print it.

I looked up how to make the scratch off part because using a crayon wasn't that cute and I found
this helpful idea from ArtMind. I didn't have contact paper but I had iron on vinyl so I used that instead and I used a wide paint brush to put one stroke of the dishsoap/paint mixture across the items all at once. I had to put 2-3 coats on each.

For a baby girl, tie a knot in some ribbon, use a lighter on the edges, hot glue it just under the baby's hair and glue it to some cute pink cardstock and you're all set! Don't forget to bring pennies for the guests to use to scratch it off.

My dear sweet friend was nice enough to help me put these together because I of course did them at the last minute and needed extra hands big time - thank you so much Debs! They turned out great!


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Preppy Mafia Award

Holy cow another award!! Kimbo from A Girl With A Glue Gun chose me to give this award to and I feel so loved! Thanks Kimbo!! Go check out her cute blog for some great ideas.

Here are the rules:

Post the "Preppy Mafia" picture on your blog.
Tell who tagged you.
Answer the questions.
Tag 5 people and let them know you tagged them!

1. Who is your Style Icon?
Seeing how I don't even get ready most days I can't say I have one!

2. What is your favorite book?
As much as it pains me to say this because I despise the author, it would have to be Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. I did recently read Dear John by Nicolas Sparks and as much as I hated how it ended I enjoyed that a lot.

3. Favorite party theme?
I CANNOT wait to do girly/pink/princess-y themed parties for my baby girl! I want to give all the girls who come pink tutus to wear and have pink frosted cupcakes and a sparkly tiara for the birthday girl!

4. Biggest pet peeve.
When parents don't discipline/follow through with their kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect and I'm sure I've missed a time or two but I at least try!

5. Extravagance you can't live without.
I can't think of an extravagance but as far as things you don't really need to survive/live, I can no longer live without the internet even though I did for most of my life!

6. Living person you admire.
Is it weird to say my husband? He's such a good person it's sickening.

7. Greatest Fear?
Someone in my family getting hurt.

8. Traits you deplore in yourself.
I will crave something and either not have it or not want to make it, then I eat a bunch of other stuff trying to satisfy my craving and nothing will work so I eat a bunch of different things until I'm sick to my stomach.

9. What talent would you most like to have?
Ooooh I wish I could draw or paint. Or play an instrument. Or sing...

10. What is your greatest achievement?
Yikes I don't know! Maybe just the fact that I'm somewhat normal in spite of the crazy upbringing that I had :)

In random order here are 5 great blogs that I'm tagging:

This was fun!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nursing Cover

I found blistree's pattern for a nursing cover and made one of my own. I did a few things different on mine that I wish I hadn't! For instance I made mine reversible but I think it's too heavy that way,and more $ and the boning only likes to stick out one way. Also, I would look harder for the correct size corset boning - Blisstree recommends 1/4" and I could only find 1/2" so maybe (???) that's why mine is weighed down and falls, lying on my chest instead of sticking out - totally defeating the purpose! Moral of the story: Just do what the directions call for :)


Edited to add: I think I found out the real reason my boning kept falling - not because of the weight of the fabric or the actual boning itself like I thought, but because when adding the straps, both edges of the boning need to be placed directly at the center of the straps... check out my more recent one (and use it instead) here

Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Award!

What a way to brighten my day :) Michele at The Scrap Shoppe (who I've always thought has the most adorable blog ever - just go look and see!) gave me the award for my bunchy 3/4 length sleeve tutorial. Go here to see Michele's post and check out the other 11 people she awarded. One of those other people is Holly @ 504 Main and I just read her post about blog ettiquette here and realized its bad manners to link to someone's post without including their blog name. Ah shoot. Now I feel really bad - who knows how many people I've offended! I will go back to my posts (luckily this blog is pretty new so there aren't that many to edit) and write names along with my links. I'm sure I've been written off by a few people for it but if I did that to you and you are still kind enough to look at my blog, please forgive me!

Now onto the awards... here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

Here are 12 blogs (in random order) that have inspired me, along with their specific project that I've added to my crafty to-do list:
#12 Ucreate - where I've found most of the blogs in this list!

Check these guys out and get inspired!

Thanks again to Michele for passing on the award to me!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make A Fabric Binkie Leash/Clip

Yes I've made them again :) These are interchangeable too but this time they're fabric! So here's a quick tute:

You need:
Fabric scraps
Rotary Mat & Cutter or Scissors
Sewing Machine
Suspender Clip or Fashion Fit Clip (see this post)

Really you can do these as long and wide as you want but just make sure the width works with your clip before starting. I just grabbed a ton of scraps to use so they didn't all turn out the same size. For this one, I cut two 11.5" x 1.5" strips.
Pin them right sides together and get ready to sew Sew along both long edges and one short edge. To do this in one continuous motion, make sure you start with a long edge.Turn fabric right side out. Its a good idea to iron flat once you do this Now push your unfinished edges inside the open end a little bit and sew shut along edge.Now attach the rough square of velcro to the edge and the soft square of velcro 1" awayIf you have a label attach it to the other side where ever you want - I just did the middle This is how it looks when you're done!

Okay I promise no more binkie leash tutorials since this is my 3rd!!
Linking up!
Get your craft on Thurs.


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