Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Legs

I like to do baby pictures every 3 months during the 1st year since they change so much in that time and I needed a new idea since I already did the tutu thing. Obsessively Stitching has a tutorial here on turning a dollar store scarf into baby legs. I don't have a serger so I did the zig zag stitch instead and they turned out great. I love 'em! Go make some of your own!


Edited to add: Check out my other pair of baby legs here made from knee highs with a cuff at the bottom.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make Skinny Nylon Headbands

I recently went to a friend's baby shower where she got all kinds of cute hand made stuff for her little girl. One of her friends made her a bunch of these skinny headbands with a different colored bow on each one. After hearing how simple they were to make, I had to do some for my baby girl. I used silk flowers instead of bows but both are cute. If you decide to do the flowers check out this great tutorial from Homemade By Jill. Instead of sewing them like she does, though, I just used my hot glue gun to put them together but either one works.

Here's all you need:
Nylon pantyhose (size L or XL)
Rotary Mat & Cutter (or scissors)
Hot Glue Gun
Something cute to stick on top (Bow, Flower, etc)

Lay out your nylons and cut 1-2" strips from the heel all the way up the leg. Make sure not to cut over a wrinkle.


Hot glue your flower on to the side that doesn't show your rolled edges and you're done!
How easy was that?! Thanks for the idea Summer!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make A Binkie Leash/Clip

This is a simple binkie leash/clip that takes about 15 minutes to make once you have all the supplies.

You will need:
11" of Ribbon about 1" wide
Velcro Strips or Circles
Fashion Fit Clip or Suspender Clip
Sewing Machine or Neddle & Thread

First you trim the ends of your ribbon nice and straight if they aren't already and burn the ends with a lighter so they don't fray.

Next cut a square out of each of your velcro strips (the soft side and the rough side) so they're about 3/4" X 3/4".

Fold the ribbon over a tiny bit (about 1/4") so the end will look nice and hemmed. Now sew the rough velcro square over that hem and all around the square. I just held the hem in place while I sewed but you can iron that edge down to make it easier while you sew. Make sure you sew the velcro on to the side of the ribbon that shows the burned edge.

Now sew the soft velcro square to the ribbon about 2" from the rough velcro square. This is where you'll put the binkie.
Now get out your clip. I bought this $4 "Fashion Fit Clip" and cut off the white elastic but suspender clips are only $2 for a set of 2. The difference is that this has rubber over the teeth and the suspender clips don't. You decide.
Feed the side of the ribbon without velcro through the clip. Hold the edge of the ribbon over to make a little hem just like before then with your clip in place, sew the hemmed edge of the ribbon down to the ribbon to secure the clip. Again you can iron the hem to keep it in place but I just held it.

I made 2 since I had 2 clips. Here they are together each showing a different side.

Done! You can use some super cute ribbon to spice it up and I think zig zag stitching would be cute too. Or instead of ribbon you can use fabric. What about a snap instead of velcro? The possibilities are endless! I just needed to hurry and make something pink so my daughter wouldn't have to use my son's blue one any longer!
Happy crafting :)
Edited to add: For the interchangeable version, go here. For the fabric version (also interchangeable), go here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fabric Memo Board/Bow Holder

I made a sweet Fabric Memo Board (which also works great as a bow holder) using Boutique NutMeg Design's great tutorial.
I had all of the supplies already besides a frame which I found on clearance for 5 bucks!
Oh and the only thing I did differently is I decided to sew buttons to it where the ribbon criss-crossed. I couldn't find any I liked so I bought unfinished wood circles at Joann's, drilled 2 holes in each of them & then painted, distressed and mod-podged those and the unfinished wood frame to match.
See how I matched the fabric to my crib bedding?
So cute and easy! Comment with any questions and I'd love to see yours if you do one!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make A Tutu

Can you tell this is a picture of a little boy in a tutu? I'm gonna hear about this when my husband sees this picture of our son.
You will need:
1" Elastic
Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
Rotary Mat & Cutter (or scissors)
You can also do a no-sew version by using ribbon instead of elastic for the waist. Problem with that is you use a ton more tulle and I actually didn't like the look of it as much but that's just me. I used 3 different colored spools of tulle that I had on hand but if you have to buy it then it would be cheaper by the yard. The spools are about $4-6 each but it's a heck of a lot less cutting/work for you.

First, cut your tulle. I recomend using a rotary cutter and mat instead of scissors. The tulle that come in spools is about 5" wide and you cut it to whatever length you want depending on the size of the child. Remember to double the length of each strip since you're tying it in half. Cut 20 or so strips and you can see how many more you think you'll need after you get those tied on.

Next, measure or eyeball the waist size and cut your elastic to fit. Then use a lighter on the two ends to make sure they don't fray. Sew ends together using a zig-zag stitch.
Fold the elastic in half like the picture below with the rough edges on the inside.

Attach tulle like pictured below or just double knot it around the elastic. Make sure to pull it taught but not too tight. Use however many colors you want in any order you choose.

You're Done! Now go try it on your little girl... er... or boy. Poor kid.

Do you have any questions/comments? Whaddaya think - easy, right? Pretty please show me your finished product if you make one!

Thanks for looking!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Wrap Video Demo

Watch this video demo for basic wrapping instructions. I also show how to put baby in the wrap using the "Hug Hold"

If your wrap won't tie in the front that's okay... just tie it in the back instead. Also, remember that it will stretch with use and shrink back with each wash just like a pair of jeans.
Find other holds (forward facing, newborn etc) at by clicking on "instructions"


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