Tutorial: How To Make A Dry Erase Calendar

Isn't she a beauty? I was inspired by this one. But at $120 shipped I decided to do it DIY style. 

I made these as gifts or I'd show you one hanging on the wall out of the package!

Here's how to make your own...

I started off in my digital scrapbook software, My Memories (see my post on them here):

Print it and frame it:

And fill it in with a dry erase marker on the glass and you're done!

Cute huh?

If you would like to purchase my printable blank calendar just visit my Etsy shop here!

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Tutorial: How To Make A Tulle Boa

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Tutorial: How To Make A Child's Apron

All this took was a yard of fabric, a spool of ribbon and a 3 year old boy willing to let his mom use him as a model.

Here's my daughter wearing it but she's only 1 so it was a bit big on her:

Faux Vinyl Tile

Looking for a cute home decor item you can make with items you probably have on hand?

Check out The Hybrid Chick's great tutorial here to make your own tile
A few tips:

Wood Blocks

I had a bit of fun with my Cricut for the holidays :) I bought this great program called Make The Cut that makes it so you don't have to buy and use cartridges. You can create whatever you want on your computer then cut it with your Cricut.

I mostly just used it to cut out letters using my favorite font but I did find this soccer ball image:

The other great thing about it is you can overlap the letters to cut a word as one piece instead of individual letters:

Birthday Party Ideas

Note that parts of this are Spiderman themed and others are not... it wasn't intended to be themed but it came together that way more and more as we prepared it all.

First project made with my new $59 Cricut!! Thank you Black Friday! I even laminated them :)
The hubs gets credit for this awesome web made out of streamers:

How cool is this thing?!

I made him re-create it for the party that weekend - look in the back corner at the big one. Awesome!

Here's the little "practice cake" we gave him on his actual birthday:

Here's the big cake for his party. I ordered a plain white cake from Costco and decorated it myself.

I originally made these cool recycled envelope bags using this tutorial from What About Orange. Then I put a sticky hand in each once and the oil from it made it look like a greasy fast food bag :(

So when I saw these on It Is What It Is, I knew what I had to do. I used my circle cutter to cut out the "D" and I cut out a blue background with my scrapbook scissors. I glued them onto paper bags and tied with a cute ribbon. Ta-da.

Now that my gift bags were 10 times bigger they looked empty so I made these simple party favors. I used this Pinwheel tutorial from City Cradle Design for the paper part but I didn't have any dowels and every other tutorial said to use a push pin and a pencil. I wanted them more toddler-friendly so I used a bendy straw with a pom-pom hot-glued to the front. After playing with it post-party, I found they work better when you flatten the paper. Oh well.

Let me know if you have any questions!