Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make A Baby Wrap Part 3

***Please always use extra caution when wearing baby (especially newborns and sleeping babies) and do your own research on the safety issues as that's not what is covered in this tutorial. I know a few things for sure; make sure baby's face is visible, their chin is off their chest and please note that jersey wraps should not be used for a back carry hold.

I know what you're thinking. "We get it already crazy lady"! I know. This is the THIRD baby wrap tutorial. But don't worry, 3 is where I make myself draw a line! And trust me it's not easy... I wanted to do a 4th binkie leash tute and restrained myself. Anywho, this wrap is different in that it's one-sided. I've also tweaked a few little things here and there making this one my favorite of them all.

This one-sided version is easier to make and since there are less layers baby isn't as hot. Plus I always make things reversible (
baby wrap, carseat canopy, nursing cover, boppy slipcover) then wish I didn't bother since I only ever use one side of it anyway.

***You will need 5.5-6 yards of jersey knit fabric (the edges will curl when stretched) and a piece of cotton fabric that is 22"x22" for your front support panel. Wash and dry all of it then iron the cotton fabric.

Lay out your jersey fabric and take a deep breath... this may take a while.
Trim the long edge (the 5.5 yard side) if you want to since it's usually holey or discolored. Or leave it if you don't care (after washing and drying, the holes should dissapear).Then when that's done, measure 20" from the side you just cut and cut your first wrap. You should be able to make 1-2 more wraps from your remaining fabric.After it's all cut, trim the 20" edges so they're nice and straight.
Now find the center so you can mark it with pins.
Place pins in the top and bottom of the center to mark it. Measure from edge to edge where the pins are so you can see how big to cut your fabric panel. Keep it 22" wide and trim height to whatever measurement you came up with in the previous step.

Iron the shorter sides of your fabric panel about 1/2" under. Using the pins you added to the wrap earlier as a guide, line the panel up with the center of the wrap. If your wrap is the same on both sides, place the panel face down on the side of the wrap that the edges curl away from. If your wrap has a pattern on one side, place the panel face down on the wrong side of the wrap. Pin panel to the wrap along both the top and bottom raw edges, lining it up perfectly.Sew 1/4" from the top and bottom edges. Turn it right side out then iron the seams flat.Once ironed, pin the sides to the wrap so you can topstitch around the entire panel closing the sides.When topstitching the sides of the panel, stitch as close to the edge as you can but for the top and bottom of the panel you don't need to be as close to the edge.
See my video demo here to put it on and put baby in it.


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