Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make An INTERCHANGEABLE Binkie Leash/Clip

After making my first Binkie Leash here I found I needed a bunch more colors but instead of buying a bunch more clips I decided to make the leashes interchangable.
You need:
Snap Fasteners or Velcro
Fashion Fit Clip or Suspender Clip (see this post)
Hot Glue Gun

Cut about 11" of ribbon
Put a flame to the edges for a second so they don't fray
If you want to hem the edges do it now. I didn't on these but they're kind of rough so I probably should have. If you don't want to sew, just use a hot glue gun and fold the edge over a tiny bit like a hem.

Read the instructions on the snap fasteners or see
this post for velcro instructions if you'd rather do it that way. Attach snaps at the edge of each side of the ribbon and also at about 2" from each edge Here's what the back looks like Speaking of the back, I didn't realize until after I bought and opened my ribbon that usually only one side has a pattern so I was pretty bummed. I had a cute pink camo and a zebra stripe but the backs of each were plain white so I didn't use them. I'm pretty sure everyone else in the world already knew that's how ribbon came except me. But just in case I thought I'd warn you!

Edited to add: For a fabric version, go here.


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