Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pattern: How To Make A Crochet Butterfly

I've had butterflies on my mind lately so I made this little butterfly applique. Here is my pattern:

Using an E hook and worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver), make a magic ring (aka magic circle, disappearing circle, ajustable ring) and leave a 6" tail. All that is, is the circle you make when starting a slip knot but instead of tightening it like you would with a slip knot, you crochet into it. This way you don't have to make a circle out of chains and there's not a big hole left afterwards because when you're done you tighten it.

Once you have your circle ready, do the following:

Row 1:

Chain 1, single crochet 3 times into circle, tighten circle, slip stitch into first single crochet stitch

1st Wing:

Chain 2, double crochet into very first single crochet stitch, chain 2, slip stitch into same single crochet stitch

2nd Wing:

Chain 3, triple crochet 2 times into next single crochet stitch, chain 3, slip stitch into same single crochet stitch

3rd Wing:

Repeat instructions for second wing

4th Wing:
Double crochet into next single crochet stitch, chain 2, slip stitch into same single crochet stitch

Now for the best part! It's the best because instead of weaving the tails in (hate doing that part), we use them to make the body and the antenna. Tie off and cut leaving 6". Take your tail that you just tied off and bring it up the back and hold. Now take your tail from the beginning (the one that's in the middle of the back) and bring it down, under (between the two smaller wings) and up the front. Now tie the two tails together at the top of the butterfly (between the two bigger wings). Now take both strands of yarn and make a knot as if they were one strand right over the knot you just made when you tied them together. Now tie a knot in each strand where you want the antenna to end and snip just above the knot.

I hot glued it to a skinny nylon headband.

You could also glue it to a hairclip or attach it to a hat. Just use a bigger hook for a bigger butterfly. Enjoy! I'm happy to answer any questions or clear anything up that doesn't make sense.



  1. Hi there. I was the mom at Bouncin' off the walls who asked about your carseat canopy. Thanks for sharing your craft blog with me. You have some awesome ideas! -- Amy

  2. Hi, I'm in b/t easy & advanced crochet patterns. Don't really classify myself into 1 set category of experience. Since my motto's: "If the patt makes sense to me-I'll do it!" I've crocheted for 5 years now, & hunted/looked for a cute, but not overbearing butterfly to adorn my youngest gal's hat. See, it's a tulip-the patt''s from Suzetta Williams. I'm a mom of 5 appreciative kids, & believe that the best gifts given are the ones you take time to make. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks a mil skeins for such a simple yet sweet & adorable bug. We get compliments alot on the cuteness of my children. Now I'll just stand back & wait for the ohhhs & ahhhs of the cute lil hat w/ the butterfly perfectly placed on the side. I'll send you pics, if you want, kay.?



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