Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Legs Part 2

The baby legs I blogged about here were made from a scarf I found at the dollar store. These baby legs are made from women's knee high socks that I found at Walmart for $3. For these ones you make a cuff at the bottom which I love. If I did the dollar store ones over I would add a cuff to them too.

The first time I did these I made a short cuff as you can see in the picture at the top.
After deciding the leg part wasn't long enough I made a long cuff as pictured here:
See the difference? I'm not sure which I like best but I think they're both cute!

Here's the tutorial by Nannygoat. It's very helpful and full of pictures. The only thing I will add is to make sure (when you get to this step) that you put both your cuffs into the legs the same way before sewing. I realized this just in time to do it right but I could have easily spaced it. She doesn't mention it in her tutorial probably because her cuffs were the same no matter which way she put them but mine had different colored stripes and I almost ended up with one grey and one pink cuff and I'm a freak so that would have bugged me.



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