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Friday, April 1, 2011

Vinyl Projects

I know you've all seen these family name plaques a hundred times and don't need a tutorial on how to do them BUT I just had to share my first vinyl projects with you because I'm so happy that I finally got the guts to try cutting my precious vinyl with my Cricut! I've mentioned that I love Make The Cut but I'm going to say it again... I would definitely not be using my Cricut much if I didn't have it. The possibilities are endless with this software and it's cheaper than getting any more than 2 cartridges anyway! But moving on... do you see the little squiggly designs on either side of "Est. 2001"? I found that character in the "Curlz" font, turned it sideways and enlarged it. I cut two normally and then flipped the image and cut two more. I was going for a wrought-iron-ish design above and below these three 8X10s that I put on my wall using those corner picture holders for scrapbooks.

I'll be honest, I'm not loving it but I think if I can find a big frame to go around all of it that might be cute, right? It just really needs some dimention since it's all completely flat. If you have any other ideas for me about what to add or alter, I could really use some input!


  1. I went to the Make the Cut website and it says they no longer support Cricut. How long ago did you buy yours? Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Erin! I hope you check back here because I couldn't contact you any other way... that really stinks!! I bought it at the end of 2010 so if that's the case you can look into their competitor Sure Cuts A Lot. I think it's pretty much the same program. Good luck!! That's really too bad.

  3. How did you do the vinyl photos? Have them special made? I have some quotes that i love, but am always up for new things! d:
    Maybe some sort of frame around it would make it a little less 2d??? S:

  4. Hi there!

    I found you through google, and thought I'd say Hi! Please visit me back and shout out if you feel so inclined! :)


  5. OKay.. so where did you get the corners to hold the photos? I think it's a way cool idea. Have you tried puttting a border up to help?

  6. I think this is a great idea. So where did you get the corners to hold up the photos? Have you tried a border at all to help the "flatness"??

  7. Hey NomiPo! I took it down :D lol I change my mind a lot. Wasn't diggin it. I don't know where those sticky corners were from because I just had them stashed away with craft stuff but I imagine you could find some at a scrapbook store... good luck!



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