Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tutorial: How To Make Curtain Rod

I'm not sure if this is really worthy of a post or even if this can be called a tutorial but here's an easy project for someone looking for a wood curtain rod like I was.

All the furniture in my kids' room is natural wood and so I wanted their curtain rod to match but the only one I found locally was really expensive so I made my own. I found the rod at Home Depot for $8 after cutting it to the size I needed (price will vary depending on how much you cut) and the two balls were a buck each at Michaels with my coupon. I gave in and bought the set of brackets from Home Depot for $9 (and they do match although in the picture you wouldn't know it) so all in all it cost a total of $19 which isn't amazingly cheap but still decent.

All you have to do is drill holes in the ends of the rod and in each ball then wood glue a little dowel to attach them. Done :)


  1. This is a great Idea you have here! I know the last time I went curtain rod shopping, I couldn't find what I was looking for. Thanks for the how-to!

  2. Those are EXACTLY the rods I made 20 years ago, and even the same brackets. You can expect a lot of life out of those.

  3. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing it, seriously, share all these easy projects!



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