Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tutorial: How To Make A Child's Apron

All this took was a yard of fabric, a spool of ribbon and a 3 year old boy willing to let his mom use him as a model.

Here's my daughter wearing it but she's only 1 so it was a bit big on her:

There were lots of good apron patterns on the web but I wanted something super girly with lots of ruffles so I used this free Home Depot apron as a guide and made my own pattern.

Here are my pieces. The bottom piece is folded with the fold on the very bottom. If I had it to do over I would make each piece's edges either slanted or straight so they were all the same. You'll see why later. My measurements are as follows:

7.5" wide on top
9.5" wide on bottom
8.5" tall

9.5" tall by 27" wide

8" tall by 36" wide (then fold and iron so it's 4" tall)

I hemmed the sides of each and also across the top of the piece on top. This would be a good time to add your neck and waist straps but I forgot and had to figure that part out later. If you do it now you can hide the strap's raw edges in the hem

I then used a french seam to attach them all together since I don't have a serger. This makes the back of the apron (or the "inside") look more clean. I then sewed a straight line just above the seam to hold the french seam in place instead of letting it just hang there sticking out (do this from the right side so you can make sure your stitch line is straight).

Although the name is intimidating, a french seam is so very simple. All you do is sew the pieces wrong sides together first, then sew them right sides together to hide the raw edges of the seam allowance. TIP: after sewing the wrong sides together, trim the seam allowance so there are no frays sticking out and so there's less bulk to have to hide.

Here's what the inside or "wrong" side will look like:

See how the top piece and middle piece don't fit together very well? That's why you need to make sure each piece's sides match eachother (slanted or straight, not both).

Hopefully you already have your straps attached by now but I did not. So I cut my ribbon, used a lighter on the edges to keep it from fraying and ironed the two neck straps (each 14.5" long) as pictured below:

I very carefully attached them to the top on each side

Then I took my longer piece of ribbon (57") and sewed it right on top of the waist's seam in order to cover up my little mistake.

And there you have it!

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  1. This is so cute, I love the ruffles!
    I am not much of a sew-er (without the hyphen it spells sewer!!)
    but I think I might just try this when my baby girl gets a bit bigger! Thanks for the inspiration!



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