Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hooded Towel

I found a super simple tutorial for a hooded bath towel from Make And Takes here. She adds appliques and bias tape to make it even cuter (perfect for a gift) but mine is plain and simple with no frills... lucky for me my kid loves it anyway because he thinks it's a superhero cape :) The only thing I did differently was rounded the back of the hood (by tracing a dinner plate) to get rid of the point.

I presented this tutorial to a group of women in my church tonight and got some great feedback with even more ideas to try out. One woman used to make these using 2 washcloths instead of half a hand towel (if you decide to use a hand towel, I suggest cutting it even smaller than just in half as the hood is pretty long otherwise). Another woman said to use the leftover half of the hand towel to add triangle pockets to the top corners of the inside so little ones can put their hands in there and hold it on. I'm so doing that!!! Lastly, someone else mentioned adding ears to the hood. CUTE.

I'll definately be making more of these.

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