Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make A Fabric Covered Canvas

Do you ever look at something you have owned for a while and go, "What the crap"?

I do all the time.

Case in point:
So I got some fabric and found my husband's staple gun.
I know it's been done before. By everyone and their dog.
But I finally did it myself and took some pics to help explain how to do the corners.
Hopefully it's helpful to someone out there!
You can use a canvas like I did or make your own frame.
Here's how you do it...

Staple it all around the back except on the corners. Just leave those alone for now.
Then fold fabric so the back corner of the canvas is mitered leaving the rest loose.
Then you take what was left and pull it taught, placing another staple on the back of the canvas.
Repeat with each corner then add the hangy thingy and you're done.


  1. I love this! I really want to make one of my own some time. My questions is... Did you use a new or used canvas frame (maybe purchased at goodwill). Also, I've only seen them once at Ikea but can't find them now, do you know a place to fine frames that a just made for this kind of project?

  2. I make these too. I have them scattered around the rooms in my house.

    @RDefined - I get my frames from Dollar Stores.. just the plain white canvases ready to be painted. They're nice and sturdy and it's less work for you cause they're all ready to go!



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