Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tutorial: How To Make Bibs

Cute right? I made all these for under $4! My 5 month old is the queen of drool right now so we needed somthing cute to have her wear ALL DAY LONG instead of changing her clothes every hour. I added batting that I had on hand to soak up the drool and don't know what the exact loft size was but it's about 1/2" thick and it flattens out when you iron it.

Here's what you need:

Fat Eighths Fabric
Velcro or Snaps
Sewing Machine
Rotary Mat & Cutter

I've never heard of these til now but I love them! Here's what they look like laid out Cut each fat eighth in half and either putthe same ones together (right sides together) or mix them up like I didLay fabric on your batting and cut it out Pin all of it together with the batting on the bottom Find an old bib that fits how you like it - my new bibs will obviously be shorter than the one I used. Trace (I used chalk) about 1/2" around it for the seam allowance. Cut it out and add more pins along the edge Sew about 1/2" from the edge leaving a hole at the bottom that your hand can fit through.
Cut triangles out on the curvy parts so it will be less bulky
Pull the first neck straps out of the hole you left...
then the second...
Now it's starting to look like a bib!
Iron it flat and fold under the part you left open, including the batting
Top-stitch around the entire bib closing the opening as you sew
Add some velcro or snaps and you're done.

Aren't the fat eighths awesome!!? I will be using them again and again for future projects! They're about $6 and I used my 40% off at Joanns so $3.60! Gotta love it!
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