Friday, March 23, 2012

Tutorial: How To Make A Tulle Boa

Does your daughter like to play dress up? 
Have you ever bought a feather boa? 
I hear they come apart easily. 
Why not make a boa out of sparkly tulle? 
(It has to be the SPARKLY kind, the fabric is different than the plain kind. Keep that in mind.)

1. Buy tulle on a roll using a craft store coupon
2. Fold entire length in half a million times until it's approx. 3x the length you want it to be
3. Pin in place down the middle and cut ends so they no longer "fold over"
4. Sew a basting stitch down the middle then gather to the length you want it to be
5. Pin a 1/8" ribbon down the middle the same length
6. Sew ribbon to tulle
7. Cut toward the center almost to the ribbon in 1/2" wide strips all the way across each side 
8. Scrunch it up and you're done!

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