Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brim Beanie

This is what started it all. I made this brimmed beanie for my son a couple years ago and posted it on my family blog. It was a hit so I started making them for friends and family.

People encouraged me to sell them and one friend told me about selling handmade items on Etsy (something I'd never heard of before) so I set up a crochet shop there with this one item that was customizable.

It was such a thrill to sell to someone I'd never met before! I don't think I'll ever forget the name of my first buyer.

But of course I got tired of making hats and opened a new shop where I could make whatever I wanted whenever I got bored of something :)

But nevermind all that! Let's get to the how-to...

Most crocheters probably already know how to make a beanie (if not, check out The Happy Hooker) but I learned to do the brim from this video on YouTube by Teresa from The Art Of Crochet. I changed it up a little bit the more I practiced and got the hang of it. I increased a little more at the edges of the brim's 1st row and didn't make it as wide as hers but everything else was the same (oh and I didn't do the backwards single crochet at the end either).

Happy "Hooking" lol!


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